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Our Mission New



Strong enough to stand tall but you're not a lone wolf --

​​You're a zebra and the herd is waiting for you.


We put some serious thought into our name and how'd we help the uncommon heart find community.

So much more than your run of the mill equestrian brand, everything Herd of Zebras stands for is designed to give you that warm fuzzy feeling on the inside and out, empower you and stand alongside you.

Even our HofZ mascot -- who’s lovingly modeled after our fearless leader’s first pony Sparky (and only true love) -- serves a bigger purpose than just being adorable AF.


What’s the deal with the Zebra and its colorful stripes?

It’s a visual cue we chose to describe every member of our herd; no two are alike. The stripes might look like scars to some, but to us? They’re colorful stories transformed into stripes that deserve to be celebrated.


We like to keep it real.

The unique stories that define our stripes are what unite us, and it’s why we created a community within a brand that’s the perfect blend of compassion and raw tenacity.