We are as unique as a zebra’s stripes. So why not celebrate it?

Every “stripe” has a story, intricately woven into the fabric of who we are, and who we will become. These stripes are forged by true grit, perseverance and trust. Through this simple philosophy, the lifestyle brand, Herd of Zebras began. The Herd celebrates individuality through an authentic storytelling of it’s Herd and comfy, bad-ass apparel and accessories. Feel good. Doing good.

Who is the leader behind the Herd? Meet Forest.

As Forest approached 30,  her world was flipped upside down after a long battle with endometriosis that left her feeling damaged, defective, and alone. She felt like a zebra among a herd of horses. She looked like a horse, acted like a horse, but she was a zebra looking for her fellow zebras to form a new and stronger herd. She took her personal narrative and stopped focusing on what wasn’t perfect in her life, bucked societal pressures and searched to create a platform that focused on products that empowered and brought people from all walks of life together. Harnessing the equestrian community she had been born out of, the equine partners and flare run deep within Herd of Zebras. She is joined on this journey with unfailing support from her friends, family and creatively fueled by her sister-in-law and partner, Liz. 

Who’s the O.G zebra? 

And what’s with the colorful stripes?

Lovingly modeled after Forest’s OTL (one true love), Sparky, a gray pony with a larger-than-life personality, fed our imagination and continues to provide us with comedic relief, endless storytelling and love in spades. We like to think of him as the founding father, employee of the month (every. single. month.) and HofZ CEO. Sparky’s colorful stripes are a bright and symbolic representation of every member in our herd; no two are alike. Colorful stories transformed into stripes that deserve to be celebrated. Forest and Sparky have been together now for 25 years and he continues to be her rock and constant inspiration. 

Ready to run with the Herd? Awesome. Show your stripes.