We are different... AND THAT IS OK!

Her stripes are not the same as mine...his stripes have a pattern that doesn’t match mine... we are different... AND THAT IS OK! 

I woke up today feeling an overwhelming sense of being “different” and it got me thinking-what does it mean to be different, and why is being different something that causes such emotion and conflict? Being different means you are unique. Being unique means you are intriguing. Let’s call “different”, “unique” from now on. 

So what does it mean to be unique? Being unique is being someone who, in a cluster of pink flowers, is blue. Being unique is being the one who goes against the “norm” and stands out.  I feel like society paves this concrete path for us to see someone we idolize, compare ourselves to that person or those people, and then encourages us to invest all we can into replicating the ones we think “have it all”... but really, what we should be doing is celebrating the gift of who we are as individuals, and using those we consider our idols as a guide towards who we are and are meant to be.  We should all strive to be a unique, enduring, exclusive, individual who changes this world! 

So this blog is for all of you out there who are struggling with who you are and where you fit in.  Take a second to slow down and reflect. What are your strengths? What are areas you would like to see improvements? When you think about something you can offer those who are searching for acceptance, what would that be?  Think about these things and let them drive you every single day to arrive at the absolute best UNIQUE version of yourself!  It is so important to have idols and people you look up to-and those people thrive off knowingly, or unknowingly, setting an example for each of us to build ourselves upon.  We will all be a work in progress our entire lives, but progress is what will drive you and motivate you. 

So chase your dreams, surround yourselves with those who encourage you and believe in you, and do it each and every day with a thankful and grateful heart.  The world is a trying and challenging place lately and it’s easy to feel like throwing in the towel and calling it quits.  When fear takes over optimism, it is terrifying. But keep doing what you all know and do best.  As a Herd, we got this!! If you know anyone looking to find their safe place to land and looking for a place to be encouraged, send them our way.  No two zebras have the same stripe pattern and none of us are the same. We are unique, and THAT is amazing. 

You are all incredible. Each and every day, remind yourself of that and surround yourself with people who will remind you of that. 


All My Love,


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