Bonjour Herd! 
I’m Laura, I’m lucky to call myself one of Forest’s very good friends. We became friends in high school, hanging out at friend’s band practices, going to concerts and doing all things horse or animal related. I honestly don’t know where I would be without this girl. Enough about me!
We made it through the first two weeks of 2019. Woo you did it! Are you sticking to your resolutions? Did you drop them day one? Do resolutions even matter? Personally I’ve always shy-ed away from the idea of setting a resolution - I’m so amazing I don’t need to change! - just kidding. Mostly I don’t make them because I see so many people around me beating themselves up for not sticking to something they focused so hard on only to “fail” in the first few days. Okay take a breath. I don’t think it’s fair to sum up an entire year of work and dedication to one’s self in one single resolution. Plus the word resolution has a negative connotation right off the bat, resolving to do something seems like defeat already, like something bad happened and now you have to resolve it. 
I don’t know about you but the last few years of my life have been a real rollercoaster of successes and “failures” - yes I’m using quotes for a reason! My mindset is that failing at something isn’t truly a failure if you decide to take everything you can from that experience and grow with the things you could have done better. I haven’t always felt this way, actually it’s taken me a really long time to feel even remotely close to this way. A lot of guilt, crying, major doubts, more crying, a good amount of alcohol and yoga have helped me along the way (never do those last two things together). So this year I’ve set some intentions for myself instead of resolutions, having an intention to do something already sets me off on a positive. My intentions are mostly geared toward not being so hard on myself and trying to give back.
Don’t beat yourself up if you have made a resolution or set an intention and mess up. Pick it back up, give yourself a little love and celebrate the small things. When you fall off a horse you’re supposed to get right back on right? That’s how I’ve resolved to treat my new habits and intentions for the year, sometimes we have a rough day and it’s just not happening. No one is keeping score but you. Everyone could set the intention of a little more gentleness and self-care this year, maybe then we can project positivity and love more readily to those around us. Maybe then we can be more available to those who need it the most, find the joy in helping others and slowing down on keeping score. Do something intentionally and have a wonderful year.

Laura is 31 living in France with her husband and cat. She is a designer by trade and loves yoga, being outdoors, travel and all things animal related.